Can you handle this much joy?

June 08 - Keenspace, in all its graciousness finally, after half a year, accepted me.  Good for them for finishing their updates.

Dec 20 - I've added a new product to the store. Wow!  Something useless that no one will buy! Keen!  It's a supertastic christmas postcard! You can buy them in packs of 8! Who wouldn't want them?  Best to send in the summer, I'd say.

Nov 08 - Set up a better forum.  No more annoying popups.




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Sunday November  28, 2004

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College Pros December 5th - 2004
Well, I've created a new web comic. it's cleaner, and better than anything here. please check it out.

June 18th - 2003: You may have noticed...
That while the site has been fully moved there are still no new updates.  This is because I've been working on new characters for the "hometown" part.  I am no longer up at university so I need something new for the summer.  Also I've got a job as a camp counsellor which will probably find its way into this comic.  Lastly I've taken up photography again in an attempt to create a Tarot Card deck.  You can see some of my stuff over at: http://www.musecube.com/tarotreader3/

June 10th - 2003: The move has begun
Well this website is half working.  I'm going to remove the old tripod address soon, or just forward everything from there to here... Anyway, this is the new location for this horrible comic.  I've got a job as a counsellor for this summer again, so the comic will most likely be about that.  God knows it gave me enough ideas last year.


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